Demonstration Audiorecording
Created by Shapes in Real Time
Recorded between MMXIX & MMXX in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Listen below

Locale: Isle of GUERNICO®

IInsect Forest
IIZunzet Ztrip
IIIAbandoned Mallplex
VDusty Jug Saloon
VILone Payphone
IIXCliffs of Madness
IXTribal Pit
  • Written by Shapes in Real Time
  • Produced by Ben LaCroix
  • Mastered by Charles Allison at Spanner Sound
All intentional contributions credited; unauthorised appropriations omitted.


"Overture / Sunset Phobia / Spark in the Woods"

I can't fucking take it anymore

"Blurred Palms / Space Race?"

I'd like to go home
And tend to a song
Click all the right notes
While you sing along

But girl, all I know is I've got to survive
By delivering delicious pies

"Cake at the Watering Hole"

At first when I couldn't leave
You think that they would bereave
But upon thinkin' 'bout the game of it all
I just remain against the back wall

I got cake at the watering hole
I got cake at the watering hole
Beloved confection, researched to perfection
Futile act to keep away from it all

I got cake at the watering hole
I got cake at the watering hole
Blinkenlights overwhelm me, a low hum's plenty
Clandestine corner, suburban shopping mall

I got cake

"Speakin' Esperanto"

Futuristic street gang
Speakin' Esperanto
Huntin' gators with Benny and the boys
Subterranean embargo

Futuristic street gang
Accosts you on your walk home
Sold your blaster for synthesizer parts
Well I guess you reap what you sow

Surfing around fucked up on my computer
Playing this game: you see a hot girl, you shoot her
It's O.K., it's not fucking real anyway
It's O.K., I'm not fucking real anyway

Scratch Bomb appears courtesy of Tasty Food Records.

"Black Cheese"

Fucking stop



"Psychic Hotline: 4××-5××-2×××"

Say what's in your mind
Let it all out

Voicemails featured in Guernico were collected through guerilla solicitation tactics and are included without the permission of their leavers.



"Crookskin / Prime Low"


"Guernic Ritual 'Backmasker'"


"Path to Hell"





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