"End Theme" (for "Guernico®")

  • Released: MMXXI.II.VI
  • Type: Dig. Audiofile
  • Label: Self-released
  • Length: 05:17 approx.

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Scrapeshin Sezzz:

" An addendum, an expansion pak, call it what you will: The final tossings and turnings of the Guernic nitemare. Stay for the credits as you finish your soda. "


  • Released: MMXX.X.XII
  • Type: Audio Cassette
  • Label: Self-released
  • Length: 40:04 approx.


Scrapeshin Sezzz:

" The first tape from Sssssshapes; it came from the under ground and is difficult to locate. Many consider it illegal to possess the tape . . .

" It tells of when I was out and about, before I got loaded onto the computer. "

"Cake at the Watering Hole"

Single from "Guernico®"

Scrapeshin Sezzz:

" A jingle I did for the sososososoda companies! It felt like it took makeup aaaaaaaahundred hours to apply the texture pack! "